Rescue parachute ejector

When life

is a fraction of a second

After five years of research and development, has taken another step forward in paragliding, paramotor and hang gliding safety by offering a rescue parachute ejector.

  • Ultra fast airbag ejection

In 1/10 of a second the parachute is deployed

  • Easily accessible handle

On the shoulder strap, the handle is in the field of vision

  • Highly reliable

The device is manufactured by the world leader in sports airbags

  • Compatible with almost all harnesses

The manual handle of the harness remains functional

  • Very light

300 grams (10.6 oz)!!!

its simplicity ensures its reliability

Test on centrifuge by Jean Philippe, on G-Force Training in Dallenwill (Switzerland) testing the handle at 4G.

Test by Claude, test pilot of the Air Turquoise laboratory, in Villeneuve (Switzerland) evaluating the general ergonomics and the reliability.

NB : In this test, the ejector and the parachute are disconnected after ejection for the safety of the tester who performs several tests.

Centrifuge test by Florian, test pilot at DHV, on G-Force from Hochries school (Germany) testing the handle and extraction at 4G.

Test by Marc Boyer, FFVL test pilot, in Doussard (France) testing an ejection in real situation.

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